The 11th Japan-Korea Friendship TRI Seminar 2017

header It is our great honor to inform you that we are going to hold "The 11th Japan-Korea Friendship TRI Seminar 2017" as following schedule. It will be much appreciated if you apply for this seminar as a member.
■ Sponsor HAKODATE City Municipal Hospital (市立函館病院), HAKODATE (函館)
NPO International TRI Network
■ Date 28th July Friday - 29th July Saturday, 2017
■ Location HAKODATE, Hokkaido, JAPAN
■ Detail * Live demonstration operated by Dr. Shigeru Saito
* Lectures presented by both Korean and Japanese doctors
* Main Objectives:
       1) Promote TRI technique
       2) Promote Slender technique
       3) Academical/Technical exchange between Japan and Korea
■ Expense No specific charge
(NPO will bear transportation, accommodation, meal and attendance cost)
■ Chairman Dr. Shigeru Saito, ShonanKamakura General Hospital
■ Requirements 1) Korean cardiovascular intervention doctors in Korea
2) Around 30 - 50 years of age (Regardless of gender)
3) At least 120 cases of PCI experience per year
4) Enthusiastic anyone who is interested in treating PCI Through TRI
5) Simple English communication skill
■ Number of attendee Around 20 (Korean)
Japanese are pre-assigned.
■ Application Deadline June 15, 2017
■ Contact NPO International TRI Network

Research Center, Cardiovascular Dept., Shonan Kamakura General hospital
TEL; +81-467-46-1717   FAX; +81-467-46-1907
E‐mail; mail

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